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About me

How did I get here?

I've been a freelance heraldic artist since 2020, when my creations started getting some attention. My initial drive in the world of heraldic art was a desire to broaden my own collection, so I spent a fair while toying around with various styles, often taking inspiration from old manuscripts and adapting them to the vector-editing tools I am familiar with. Once I recognized that vector artwork can look stunning, if and only if one is willing to invest the necessary time, I developped a textured style with lighting effects, diapering, the works. In parallel, and almost despite myself, I developed a second house style based on flat colours and more modern compositions. These are often used as bookplates because of their bold outlines and ease of print, but they have also been declined as stamps or embossers.
In keeping with my first experience (and because I love the process of adapting older pieces to the vector format), I also offer heraldic restoration services. Based on an existing historical illustration, I will make a fully digital, scaleable piece that respects the spirit of the original and makes it more adapted for modern usage. I have also been known to emulate historical styles provided doing so does not infringe on the intellectual property of anyone, most notably the Zürcher Wappenrolle. Please scroll down to see some examples of my work in these various styles.


Heraldic Design
Armorial bearings for you or your organization, designed from scratch.

If you do not currently bear arms but would like to work out a design to assume or propose to your heraldic authority, I offer custom design services based on your interests and values. After discussing what is important to you when it comes to self-expression, such as personal symbols and aesthetics, I will propose a few design directions in writing or as quick sketches. We then home in on the ones you find interesting with some more polished sketches, including a few variations to help you decide! Up to three rounds of sketching are included in the initial quote.

Illustration -
High-vector Style
A detailed vector take on traditional styles.

My most elaborate style, using the possibilities of vector graphics to render high-quality, eye-catching pieces in any resolution you may wish! Highly detailed vector creation is a lengthy but rewarding process. Vector files of each part of the achievement are available upon request along with high-resolution raster exports.

Illustration -
Cel-shaded Style
ideal for bookplates or as displayable artwork.

My most popular style. Equal parts graphic-novel and XXth print inspired, this style features different takes on the classic arrangement of a full achievement, with the helm and crest often wandering off away from their traditional place above the shield. These particularly shine in the middle of a blank page, making them perfectly suited to use as bookplates. Custom compositions are available upon request for an added fee.

Medieval Manuscript Style
An homage to the XIVth century Zürcher Wappenrolle.

Illustrated in the style of the Zürich Armorial, a 14th century manuscript currently kept at the Swiss National Museum. Charges that cannot be found in the original roll can be custom-made based on references from the period. Available in flat colour or digitally edited onto the manuscript.

Heraldic Repair & Historical Emulation
from a rendition or a blazon

If you have a piece of heraldry that you would like VECTORIZED, CLEANED UP, MODERNIZED, or even MODIFIED, it can be turned from a high-resolution picture to a vector file suitable for printing, displaying on electronic devices, and engraving. Say that, like me, you are fascinated by the hand printed styles of the Baltischer Wappenkalender, or the panache of illuminated manuscripts. I have experience emulating and expanding upon a variety of historical styles. You can get your arms rendered in your favourite style, based on authentic historical references. Needless to say, I will not provide pieces that would infringe on other artists' intellectual property.

Price to be determined on a CASE-BY-CASE basis, taking into account the necessary research along with the complexity of the arms and of the style.
Click here for an example.

Custom piece
Don't see quite what you were picturing?

Have something specific in mind? Let me know! I use versatile tools that let me adapt to a variety of constraints, and I love a good challenge. We can work together to bring your vision to fruition!

What else do I do?

I have also designed monograms in a variety of alphabets (pictured here: cyrillic), and more or less typographically inspired logos, as well as Mon (紋). If you are interested in having one designed, or if you would like more information, please get in touch with me.


Feel free to contact me!

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